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julia_winolj's Journal

18 March 1965
My nicely rounded interests (reading, watching movies, eating, drinking, socialising) have led to my nicely rounded shape. I spend much of my life dazed and confused and have a strong antipathy for technology. I was for a long time WINOLJ meaning "Who is not on live journal", but due to the constant nagging of my friends and in particular DougS (- whose name I'm sure would appear as a clickable icon thing if I knew enough to do that) now stands for "Who is NOW on live journal". My journal has very little in it - it is new and I've only used it briefly to pass on some information, and of course having a login enables me to view my friends' journals - but that's it really - sorry - technophobe and also very very lazy.

I used to work, but went backpacking round the world in 2000 and then became a scummy student in 2004. I don't want to go back to the real world, so I intend to expand my studenting days for as long as possible.

DougS has now declared his undying love for me, and even lets me organise his house clearance so he can sell up and move in with me. My previously stated ambition "to find a rich old man with a weak heart, marry him and then have continuous sex with him till he dies (after he has changed the will in my favour)" has now been thwarted by the declaration of undying love being accompanied by a ring. As a result I shall enter fully into the major clearance of DougS' junk from his house in order to salvage as much space as possible for my own wonderful belongings once we cohabit. The consummation of our nuptials should take place in 2 years when I've finally won the war over square footage in our new place.

Latest update: We dumped most of his stuff (- charity shops began to lock their doors as we arrived with yet more boxes of stuff), I painted his house and made it look more lived in and a bloke came and mended 2 holes in the ceiling. This enabled us to sell his house and he moved in with me in February 2011. Most of his stuff went in the attic or the garage. We then house-hunted, bought a new house which I painted, had a new kitchen and bathroom put in, moved in a mixture of the better parts of our old furniture, bought a lot of new furniture and moved in end-September 2011. We had a housewarming party with Dr Who cupcakes, we had a fantastic New Year party which was a "mediaeval feast" of sorts, and then got married 5 May 2012, having a splendidly pirate-themed day - there are photo links on Dougs livejournal page. Now we are sorting out my house, trying to empty the rest of the stuff out, putting in a new kitchen, and replacing the old lead water pipes (which are possibly leaking), and getting the place ready to sell or if necessary rent - work, work, work!