julia_winolj (julia_winolj) wrote,

The most important 3 little words ...

I was woken about 6am on 15th February by a voice talking to the back of my neck. It said:

"Now it's not Valentine's day anymore and therefore not cheesy, d'you want to get married or what?"

Oh, the romance! The roses! The chocolates! The... hang on a minute - where are my bloody roses and chocolates? Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Never mind. I'm a practical girl. It was lovely to be asked. It was lovely to say yes. It was the nearest I ever get to finding shopping pleasant to go out and find a ring that morning. And it was lovely, and even a bit romantic, that when he arrived with the ring in my size a fortnight later, Doug went down on one knee to put it on - even if I did have to help him up again as he is only part-way through physio on his knee!

Since then Doug has been conducting an experiment on the observational abilities of science fiction fans by waiting to see if they notice the ring. This has led me to increasingly bizarre ways of picking up glasses and jugs of water in restaurants, twitching my fingers in an odd manner, and eventually out and out wiggling my hand mere inches from their faces. The responses vary from failing to notice anything at all, to looking in my eyes and saying "What?", to asking if I'm playing charades and how many syllables do I mean, to "gosh, what a lovely purple ring - is that an amethyst?".

At Corflu Eileen Weston told Doug that he should focus on being like Charlton Heston. We were a little concerned at first - a gun-toting maniac? wielder of the Ten Commandments in tablet form? Dead? But no - she was referring to his 50 year long marriage the success of which he attributes to three little words used often and with sincerity - "You were right." Perhaps Ian Sorensen can help Doug with the sincerity part...
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